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Black Bodystocking Full Length Circle WeaveBlack Bodystocking Full Length Circle Weave
Black Fishnet Small Weave Mini DressBlack Fishnet Small Weave Mini Dress


Black Fishnet Small Weave Mini Dress



    This is the sort of thing which is actually quite versatile. You can wear this black fishnet bodystocking dress over the top of something really fresh and funky, sort of like an awesome accessory, especially cool with some chunky beads or florescent hoops. Music festival here we come. You could also wear it as an alternative to shapewear, underneath your favourite dress. The spandex compression isn't as tight as normal shapewear but it certainly has the same sort of effect. Or you can just wear it as a fishnet bodystocking, with nothing else (maybe s..

Black Medium Weave Fishnet DressBlack Medium Weave Fishnet Dress


Black Medium Weave Fishnet Dress



     This sexy black medium weave fishnet bodystocking dress will certainly make an impression wherever you wear it. Whether you're feeling a little on the risqué side and want to wear this out with some killer heels and some designer lingerie for maximum impact or you want to wear it under your dress (the stretch spandex material is awesome at accentuating your curves, just like sexy shapewear) you won't be disappointed. It's made with comfortable stretchy material and for a little contrast has shaded horizontal stripes throughout. Made in two sizes, grab one today wh..

Blue Stretch Lace Bodystocking with Open BackBlue Stretch Lace Bodystocking with Open Back
Medium Weave Full Length Black BodystockingMedium Weave Full Length Black Bodystocking


Medium Weave Full Length Black Bodystocking



     Check out this super sexy full length bodystocking. Makes for great shapewear worn under a dress or skirt and top, and the crotch-less design is there as it would obviously be a pain to take off every time you had to go to the ladies, so all day wear is no problem. Even if you wanted to wear it under pants on a cold day, the extra layer certainly will help you to retain warmth. Or of course some like to wear bodystockings with very little else so it's a good thing it's sexy. Made from comfy stretch black material. We have limited stock so grab them whilst you can.Features:-..

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More bodystockings will be arriving soon!

Here at Discreet Tiger we are all about feeling sexy in the body you’re in, and bodystockings fit into that ideology perfectly. We all know what it feels like to put on a beautiful pair of sheer stockings, that feeling of silky smoothness against your skin is wonderful and bodystockings only expand upon that from the waist up.

Whilst these are typically designed to be revealing they also make a great replacement for your standard pair of hosiery and can be worn under your clothing. The reason bodystockings are perfect in this scenario and why they are so popular is simple. You no longer need to be pulling at stockings that won’t stay up, because these simply won’t fall down. They also make a great replacement for tights and are excellent in winter as bodystockings give you that extra layer of clothing / warmth.

Simply put them on like a normal pair of pantyhose then roll the rest of the bodystocking up over your torso and insert your arms. For the more petite girls these can sometimes negate the need for a bra, those among us with larger busts will have to decide on a case by case basis. Certainly these can be worn over a bra. There is that extra bonus that comes with wearing a skin tight bodystocking, which is the creation of smooth lines and lessening of bulges and bumps, since they cannot become untucked they have a similar effect to shapewear but to a lesser extent.