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Full Length White Satin Robe / Dressing Gown

Full Length White Satin Robe / Dressing Gown

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Tags: White Satin Robe, Satin Dressing Gown, White Silk Robe, Bridal Party Robe

     You just can't fake quality, Phialli's full length white satin robes are exactly that, quality. We might be selling them at a ridiculously low price, but don't let that fool you. As soon as you put one of these on, you will feel like a million dollars, the stitching is great, the cut is exquisite, and the material is stunning. Perfect for having some embroidery done, to personalise them for gifts or bridal party robes, unlike the cheap and nasty ones that just tend to rip under the same conditions or fall apart after one cycle through the wash. No, these are exactly the opposite. These are quality, there's no mistaking it.  


  • - Premium quality.
  • - Soft and silky to the touch.
  • - 2 Hidden pockets on side.
  • - Extra long sash.
  • - These are perfect for bridal party robes.
  • - Petite to plus sizes.
  • RRP $78.95.

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