Medium Weave Black Fishnet Stockings With Frilly Lace

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Medium Weave Black Fishnet Stockings With Frilly Lace

     So we're slightly confused, are you saying you don't own a pair of black fishnet stockings? Really? Well the fact that you have survived this long without a pair is amazing. We thought everybody knew that having a pair of black fishnet stockings was essential for anyone with legs, even for those without, still essential. Luckily for you we do have some available, and of course these are gorgeous as you can see. Thigh high stay ups in a medium weave, with elastic uppers so they will stay up all day and night, even if you spend that entire time bouncing on a jumping castle. You can be forgiven for not realizing how essential these are for survival, but now you know, probably best to grab a few pairs, just in case. 


  • - High quality nylon fishnet.
  • - Medium sized weave (appox. 1cm).
  • - Elastic upper dressed in frilly stretch lace.
  • - Thigh length with a great stretch.
  • RRP $22.95
Colour Black

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