Small Weave Black Fishnets With Silicone Upper

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Small Weave Black Fishnets With Silicone Upper

        These gorgeous stockings not only look fantastic, they feel fantastic too. Thigh high small weave (approx. 1/2 a centimeter) black fishnet stockings with beautiful stretch lace hold up. These are guaranteed to stay up even after a long day at work on your feet. The stretch lace hold ups at the top also have a multiple layered silicone strips that won't slide or slip, because there's nothing worse than feeling your hosiery slip down your leg and having to constantly be leaning over and lifting up your skirt or dress so you can readjust your stockings. That's a nightmare that just won't occur with these black fishnets. Made from soft, comfortable, high quality material, we think they're suitable for just about any occasion.


  • Small diamond weave fishnet.
  • Wide length of stretch floral lace.
  • - Inside lace is multiple silicon layers to ensure they stay up.
  • RRP $19.95
Colour Black

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