Faded Blue 3/4 Length Jeggings

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Faded Blue 3/4 Length Jeggings

     Ever wanted to wear a pair of jeans over another pair of jeans over another pair of jeans, that's three pairs of jeans at the same time? No, neither have we. But the print on these jeggings is exactly that, and it looks surprisingly pretty cool. The print has all your pockets, stitching, buttons and even imitates the fading.  It's at the top of the jeggings where you notice the overlapping of the print that gives the impression of wearing three pairs, one over the other. Made from 95% polyester with 5% spandex for a comfortable stretch, you can wear these everywhere and with everything you would normally wear jeans with. Bonus is they don't wrinkle, so no ironing...yeah!surprisingly 


  • - Made to fit Australian Size 6 to 12.
  • - Polyester Spandex blend.
  • - Very comfortable to wear.
  • - Also perfect for active wear or yoga.
  • RRP $32.95
Colour Blue

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