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White Stockings With Love Heart Pinstripe

White Stockings With Love Heart Pinstripe

  • Brands Phialli
  • Product Code: DTS00556
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: White Stockings, Sexy Stockings, Thigh High Stockings

   Of course at first these just look like your standard everyday pair of white thigh length stay up stockings. Beautiful light sheer material with gorgeous stretch lace hold ups at the top, then you turn around and you see the cheeky feature at the back, a pinstripe running the full length from top to bottom made of love hearts. These are gorgeous and are perfect for anyone who likes to mix it up a little and have some fun, they're not too over the top and the cheeky loveheart pinstripe is subtle so it's perfect for adding a little fun to your day. Break up the week and wear them on a Wednesday instead of your normal white stockings. Fun, practical and sexy, these tick all the boxes. 


  • - White thigh high stocking.
  • Sheer comfortable and soft material.
  • Thick hold up tops so they stay up all day.
  • RRP $23.95

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