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Black G-String With Red Floral Embroidery And PVC Trim

Black G-String With Red Floral Embroidery And PVC Trim

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Tags: Women's Black G-String, Floral Lingerie, Girls Sexy Cotton G-Strings

      If we can guarantee you one thing it's this, you won't find this g-string anywhere else. Now not that having unique underwear is overly important, it's not like going to an event and finding two or three other people wearing the same dress as you. But it's still nice to know you are one of a select few people in the world who can say they own this particular g-string. Now this was made specifically to match the corset below, and of course it's not an overly complicated design, but that doesn't mean you can't add it to your shopping cart as a standalone product, we get a lot of customers who purchase nothing but g-strings from us.


  • - Comfortable cotton blend material.
  • - Black PVC trim
  • - A simple design with floral brocade.
  • - Unique to Discreet Tiger
  • RRP $13.95

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