Sheer White Stockings With Love Hearts

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Sheer White Stockings With Love Hearts

       These sexy thigh length white stockings are definitely a ten on the cute AF o'meter. With beautiful red hearts throughout (these are part of the fabric not just printed on, so they won't wash off) and a stunning satin bow at the top. If you aren't turning heads when you're wearing these it may be that you have walked into a seminar for the vision impaired. Made from quality material that's soft and super comfortable these thigh length white stockings stay at thigh height all day (and all night) because of the lined elastic upper section thats designed to prevent you having to constantly bend down to adjust your stockings. Grab a pair today whilst we have them at less than half the retail price. 


  • - White thigh high stocking with love hearts throughout.
  • Sheer comfortable and soft material.
  • Thick hold up tops so they stay up all day finished with a satin bow.
  • RRP $22.95
Colour White

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