Sheer Black Shimmering Stockings

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Sheer Black Shimmering Stockings

      These black stockings are simply gorgeous. Made to a three quarter length, which in itself is a little unique as you don't see it that often, but they really do look stunning, especially with a nice pair of heels. Of course they are made from high quality nylon, otherwise we wouldn't stock them, and of course we are selling them at slightly above cost price, oh and of course we ship them for free. The other unique thing about these black stockings, apart from the three quarter length, is the fabric, it has a shimmer to it. It's actually part of the fabric, it's not glitter that's been placed on afterwards which just falls off and makes a huge mess, this is added during part of the manufacturing process when the fabric is woven, and it really is a beautiful result.


  • Black stockings - three quarter length.
  • Unique shimmering fabric (not glitter).
  • - Comfortable elastic waistband.
  • RRP $22.95
Colour Black

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