Red Fishnet Stockings Full Length Large Weave

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Red Fishnet Stockings Full Length Large Weave

      They say "variety is the spice of life", we say "if you haven't got this variation of full length red fishnet stockings you certainly are missing some spice". These are exactly what you need to really spice up your favourite outfit. Made with great quality stretch nylon, these are a large weave style that has approximately a 4cm wide diamond pattern. Comfortable elastic top with a great stretch available in a few different colours and styles (see below) these go perfectly with a vast array of different styles and looks and look great in everything from heels to sneakers. Grab a pair of these full length red fishnet stockings today, you never know when you might need them.


  • - High quality material and make.
  • - Comfortable stretch elastic.
  • - Gorgeous colour.
  • - Large weave diamond pattern.
  • RRP $21.95
Colour Red

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