• Enthralling Tips for Exclusive Thigh-High Stockings

    Thigh-high stockings are lingerie that are used by women to cover the thighs and also to provide a warm feeling during the winter. With proper care, they can be worn effectively.

    However, before you go on to the sukar site and order a pair, you need to put the following into consideration:

    What’s the material like?

    The material of the stockings you’re looking to buy is definitely one of the biggest factors to be put into consideration. You need to ensure that the material of the stockings is comfortable enough for you, and that doesn’t get you feeling itchy. The material also needs to not have any allergic reaction on your skin (some people react to certain materials. If you’re one of those people, then you need to be extra careful).

    The reason why material is such a big issue is that you’ll most probably be wearing these thigh-high stockings for quite a whil...

  • Top Reasons to Wear Women’s Dark Blue Polo Shirts

    Polo shirts are tops that work in more ways than one; they fit just about anything, and their designs are also somewhat universally accepted. Now, while polo shirts might be primarily for men, there have been awesome and creative fashion innovations that have opened them up to women as well. Below are a few reasons why women should also consider making an investment in them as well:


    Is it possible that you’ve ever heard a guy complain that his polo shirt is cutting his air or circulation?


    Yeah, neither have I.

    Polo shirts have a lot of room, and if you’re looking for extra comfort on a day that promises to be filled with a lot of stress and running around then a polo shirt will do you very nicely.

    The love of oversized clothes

    You might not k...

  • The context
    Forget breasts. That is what research by the late Devendra Singh, professor of psychology at the University of Texas says. Dr. Singh was known for his research on sex appeal and human attraction, with a specific focus on the optimal waist-to-hip ratio. His paper, “Optimal Waist-to-Hip (WHR) Ratios in Women Activate Neural Reward Centers in Men”, states that optimal WHR is a “phenotypic cue to fertility, fecundity, neurodevelopmental resources in offspring, and overall health, and is indicative of 'good genes' in women”. Basically, it makes men happy to see such women even if they don’t r...
  • The Return / Revival Of Corsets

    Trends are cyclic. Oversized jeans from the ‘90s, plaid skirts from the ‘60s and cat-eye glasses from the ‘50s have all seen a recent revival. The corset trend is no different, but it has a more complex history.

    Corsets have been worn by women dating back to 1500s Europe, according to fashionintime.org. The corset’s color, shape and style varied with region. In many fashion circles, the corset represents femininity because of its ability to accentuate the body. The style itself was originally used to slim the waist and emphasize the breasts. Beauty standards during the 16th century valued flattened waists, and the corset helped women achieve this image. The cor...

  • Corsets and how they became fashionable again

    They were a staple garment of the Victorian upper classes, and seen by some as a symbol of an oppressive desire to control and stifle the female form to suit the male gaze. But well over a century later, corsets are making a comeback, suiting the spirit of a very different age.

    Secrets of affordable glamour - Satin robes

    What was once viewed as an expensive luxury item and something more exclusive to movie stars than inclusive of movie goers, these sleek and sexy robes should be your next addition to this season’s wardrobe and here’s why.


    Whenever you feel the need to treat yourself a little, comfort and extravagance are surely the two key items at the top of most people’s tick list for choosing how to spoil themselves so what better then something which is specifically designed to be worn after bathing or as sleepwear?  How about something sexy to wear after bathing or in the bedroom...


    Satin robes ?

    Not to be mixe...

  • Satin Robes - What You Need To Know


    Satin robes are commonly and popularly worn by people, especially the bride and its bridesmaid before the wedding actually commences. Not only do these robes look good but they are extremely comfortable to wear as well.

    There is more than just one benefit of wearing a satin robe. Not only are satin robes luxurious and soft, they offer other benefits as well.


    Satin robes have a natural protein structure which ensures that they are hypoallergenic of all of the fabrics. Moreover, these robes can be worn in any climate. Since they are warm, cozy and comfortably cool, these robes are a great choice for anyone to wear when and where they want.


    Satin robes are highly absorbent and they also tend to dry very quickly. They can easily absorb as much as 30 percent of the weight in the moisture without feeling too damp. Silk will also tend to absorb the perspiration while at the same t...

  • Answering Your Corset Questions

    If you want to have a distinct look, then one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to wear a corset. Simply put, the corset is a type of garment designed to help you better hold your torso. It’s helpful when it comes to training your torso and it also helps you maintain a visually appealing look. On top of that, using a corset does come with some great medical benefits since it can help alleviate your back pain and improve your posture.

    When did the corsets become very popular?

    Although women were wearing corsets well before the 20th century with some models actually pertaining to the 18th century, there’s no denying that it wasn’t until the early 1900s when the corset mania really took off. Corsets started to become a fashion garment, but at the same time, they also came with a new set of features. Also, the modern corset models are very different when compared to the tradition...

  • Corsets - An Origin

    When watching older movies, it seems like every woman is wearing a corset, probably because everyone was doing it in the 16th century. The corset introduced a new concept to fashion, it was no longer about shaping clothes to the body, instead it was making the body conform to the emergence of fashionable clothes.

    It was never intended to pinch the waist in order to create that famous hourglass figure, instead it was designed with the intention to flatten the bust line and raise it, and then mold the torso into a cylindrical shape. While there is a reference to the fashionable small waist in the 16th century, the real fashion was a flat torso and that was what the corset was designed for.

    Most of these myths come from Elizabethan England, and another one of those is their discomfort. However, when a corset is fitted and then laced correctly it is comfortable. There are some women who happen to be well endowed that feel a corset is more comfor...

  • Let Yourself Shine by Wearing a Corset

    Women always seem to be so conscious, so particular about what they look like. There cannot be a day in a woman’s life when she shouldn’t be looking perfect. But what exactly makes her perfect? It is everything: her charm, her smile, her compassion, her sacrifice, her hair, her eyes. The little things she does which make her surroundings beautiful and the way she makes people around her happy take her to perfection.

    Although we are very clear about the fact that the shape of your body is not the criterion to judge you as a person but don’t you think that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is way better than those extra pounds on your body? Yes, you do love yourself and your body, so why not keep it healthy? There is no denying the fact that a well-maintained body shows your positive attitude towards life.

    One of the best things which will help you in achieving all those weight goals is a corset. We do know that they give your body the perfect shape that will leave e...

  • Why should you purchase satin robes for bridesmaids ?

    Managing all wedding details can be very time consuming and most of the time you tend to forget about some of the essential stuff. Getting some good bridal party robes for the bridesmaids is very important and that’s why you should consider finding the right material that suits your needs and expectations. Are satin robes a great investment or should you opt for other type of robes for your bridal party?

    Satin offers a distinct look for your wedding pictures

    Yes, satin robes are visually appealing and they also provide a high standard look that can be very hard to find anywhere else. That’s why you should always take into consideration the idea of purchasing some great satin robes for your bridesmaids, as they will look great in your wedding pictures!

    A very good quality

    All satin robes and more specifically the

    If you are a woman, you surely know about corsets; they are a lady’s tight garments that extend right from below of the chest of the woman to her hips. They are generally worn to enhance the appearance of the figure. Some women purposely buy a tighter style to look graceful. There are a few garments or outfits that can’t be worn without wearing an appropriate corset to match.

    Corsets are worn because there are a lot of benefits to wearing them; some of the hidden benefits that are still unknown to many are mentioned below:

    1)      They help in stabilizing the curve of the spine: It doesn’t matter if you want to open up those seven chakras in your spine or not, keeping it erect matters the most since it reduces all sorts of spine pains.

    2) &...