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Secrets of Affordable Glamour - Satin Robes

Secrets of Affordable Glamour - Satin Robes

What was once viewed as an expensive luxury item and something more exclusive to movie stars than inclusive of movie goers, these sleek and sexy robes should be your next addition to this season’s wardrobe and here’s why.


Whenever you feel the need to treat yourself a little, comfort and extravagance are surely the two key items at the top of most people’s tick list for choosing how to spoil themselves so what better then something which is specifically designed to be worn after bathing or as sleepwear?  How about something sexy to wear after bathing or in the bedroom...


Satin robes ?

Not to be mixed up with a kimono which was designed for more casual dress around the oriental home, it is often the image of personalised bridal party robes on the morning of a wedding which naturally springs to mind, perpetuating the aura exclusivity and idea that they’re only suitable for special occasions but there is no reason why robes can’t be used as more everyday items which just happen to be lightweight and sumptuous yet comfortable, lavish and even hedonistic items of clothing with a little imagination…. Ok, not so much imagination.


Satin and silk

Satin and silk were both invented in the far eastern land of China with some people believing that silk was first created around 6,000 years ago almost certainly for the sole use of ancient emperors due to their limited availability and sheer expense.  Silk is a natural fibre made from the cocoon of silk worms and it can take between 2,000 to 5,000 silkworms and a whole year to produce one single garment.


Satin was created much later during the middle ages and is an artificial, man-made material which is actually a mix of materials (such as polyester, cotton, nylon and often even silk itself!) known as a fabric weave.

This makes it a much cheaper alternative because it can be manufactured from synthetics that are cheaper and more quickly produced

Satin is also more delicate than silk and so should be treated much more carefully and for instance, not washed in hot water which can cause it to either shrink or stretch from its original shape


Satin or silk?

Both materials have the desired effect of a sleek and shiny appearance with a soft, sensual feel to them although satin is not as soft to touch with a more glossy and slippery feel than silk. 

When it comes to choosing a suitable robe the best advice is to find a Satin mix such as Charmeuse which includes silk to get the best of both but perhaps with as high a silk content as your budget allows to achieve peak indulgence value.


high end clothing ranges always seem like a dream that someone else gets to live but Satin robes are certainly an accessible and sadly often overlooked garment that provides an option which has become much more affordable and thankfully, much more guilt free, so what better excuse do you need for treating yourself, or perhaps, what better excuse for treating your partner?