Red Jacquard Corset With Black Trim

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Red Jacquard Corset With Black Trim

    When you're wearing a luxurious vintage inspired red corset like this you relly feel ready for some sort of momentous occasion. We don't know if it's the intricate jacquard patterning that makes you feel that way, it could just be the stunning deep red colour. Perhaps it's the improved posture you get from the twelve bones that give that great structure and support. It could also be the hourglass figure you get when you tighten the adjustable lace up back, reducing your waistline by anyware up to two inches that gives you that feeling of impending joy. Or, it may just be the fact that you know you were able to purchase such an exquisite red corset for approximately half the retail price and then have it shipped for free. We can't be sure, but our best guess is that it's a combination of all those things even though just one is enough.


  • - Twelve acrylic bones for structure and support.
  • - Adjustable sizing and tightness from the ribbon lacing.
  • - Strong steel fastening busk clips at front.
  • - Black trim top and bottom.
  • - Jacquard patterning throughout.
  • - Perfect for a variety of occasions both formal and informal.
  • RRP $109.95
Colour Red

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