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Elegant Black Corset Dress With Lace Trim

Elegant Black Corset Dress With Lace Trim

  • Brands Phialli
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Tags: Black Corsets, Corset Dresses, Steampunk Corsets

     This really is like something out of a fairy tale, perhaps something Maleficent herself might wear. If she was a little more on the sexy side. All jokes aside, this black corset dress really is stunning, made from an exquisite brocade material with an embossed jacquard pattern, it fastens at the front with a zipper making it so much easier than your normal corset. The ribbon lacing at the rear is perfect for adjusting the size to fit and make it tighter (across the waist for example) or looser depending on what you prefer. The modesty panel covers both sides at the rear as well so there's no skin showing at the back. Then the corset is finished with lace trim along the bust and a layered skirt that's attached all the way round and measures approx. 10 inches or 25 cm's.  


  • - Strong acrylic bones throughout adding structure.
  • - Ribbon lacing that allows for adjustable sizing.
  • - Fastens with zipper at front.
  • - Beautiful brocade material with jacquard patterning.
  • - Layered 10 inch skirt attached.
  • RRP $126.95

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