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Black Stockings Sheer with Elastic Lace Tops

Black Stockings Sheer with Elastic Lace Tops

  • Brands Phialli
  • Product Code: DTS00205
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Black Stockings, Sexy Stockings, Thigh Length Stockings

     We try to make it easy here at Discreet Tiger, and we do that by, stocking quality products, that look great, that we can sell at amazing prices. These black stockings are the perfect example of what we mean. Made from high quality nylon material to minimise the chance of getting runs, they are topped with gorgeous stretch lace that is perfect for keeping them up all day. That means that of course that these black stockings look fantastic because that's what happens when you use quality materials, then you add the fact that we've been selling online since 2008 so we have great buying power and contacts all over the world, which means you're getting these at an amazing price......  Mic Drop.


  • - High quality nylon material.
  • - Gorgeous stretch lace tops for all day stay up power.
  • - Make your legs look amazing.
  • RRP $22.95

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