Welcome to our corset matching g-strings page.

Discreet Tigers range of g-strings are specifically made to complement our range of corsets and underbusts. Whilst they are still unique and comfortable enough to be worn independently they are simple designs, mostly consisting of triangular shaped fronts with a stretch elastic waistband that will have maximum impact when teamed up with their corresponding corset. 

Following in the footsteps of Earl Carroll's productions which first showed the g-string as part of a showgirl's costume. As well as performers like Margie Hart who again brought it to prominence in the 1930's.

Since then g-strings have certainly evolved and have been worn by everyday women as a part of their normal attire and these days it is common to see them on the beach being worn as bikini bottoms. They are no longer purely the domain of the glamorous professional dancers. 

Ideal increasing ones sex appeal they also have the added advantage of concealing a visible panty line and are also commonly referred to in some countries as thongs.