Nothing screams "SEXY" louder than a garter belt.

Nothing makes you feel sexier than the look someone gives you when they see you're wearing a garter belt. As their eyes follow your hands, they watch as you remove those delectable heels then glide upwards over a pair of sensual thigh high stockings until you reach the lacy straps that lead to the aphrodisiac of the lingerie world - the garter belt. That's when you see it, the look; it's a look that only a garter belt can provoke, and as a women you should know when you get that look, it doesn't matter who the man is, you have the power to make them do just about anything. So please wear your garter belts discreetly ladies, and wield that power in a responsible manner.

To help you get that power and make you feel sexier than words can describe, Discreet Tiger brings you an assorted range of garter belts, in a variety of colours and sizes. You can rest assured that we have sourced some of the best quality lace and satin from a diverse range of countries to ensure that the designs and the manufacturing are impeccable.

These garter belts exemplify what Discreet Tiger is all about, so grab one for every day of the week, because you don't need an excuse to feel sexy.