Every girl should have at least one or two Garter Sets in their dresser.

There's something about a garter set that gives you that sensual, flirtatious feeling while still maintaining a level of sophistication. They make you feel more than just sexy. It's an unspoken attitude that consumes you as soon as you put it on. Here at Discreet Tiger we wish every woman could experience the feeling a gorgeous garter set provides, that's why we have added them to our store.

We will be adding more and more garter sets in the coming weeks and months, with the ever increasing range to include a multitude of colours like your standard black, white and red garter sets, to more exclusive colour pallets like fawn, turquoise and azure.

The material a garter set is made from can make a huge difference in the way it looks and more importantly feels. Discreet Tiger takes great pride in the quality of the products we sell in our store and our garter sets are no exception. We will always be striving to ensure that the garter sets we sell are made from the best quality materials available, whether that be satin, lace or some combination of synthetic, you can be sure that even though it comes with a warehouse price tag the quality is penthouse. 

Garter Sets