Welcome to the clearance section of Discreet Tiger.

This category contains our additionally discounted products. As most people are aware (as its plain to see) Discreet Tiger sells all our products at wholesale warehouse prices, so we don't typically offer addition discounts to our products due to the low margins associated with selling at such low process. We do occasionally have sales, but they are born out of a logistical demand to make room in the warehouse. This clearance section is typically reserved for discontinued lines that won't be restocked, so any and all products on this page are limited to what we have available.

In addition to products that have been discontinued occasionally our suppliers will either make an error by over supplying a particular item and rather than pay the additional freight and shipping costs to return the additional stock they will offer it to us at a heavily discounted price. Also there are also cases when one of our suppliers is overstocked on a particular item, typically due to a large order falling over and leaving them stuck with a large quantity of stock that they didn't expect to have. This is another scenario where we may be able to purchase items at heavily discounted prices. 

These scenarios are typically unique, and as our core business philosophy is to offer our customers the best products we can at the best possible prices we can, we get great pleasure in taking advantage of such opportunities, they help our suppliers to when they are stuck or have made a mistake and they allow us to pass on typically ridiculous savings. 

Please note: products for sale in this section are for retail customers only.