Welcome to Discreet Tigers selection of accessories.

Accessories give you the chance to bring out the finest in your appearance by adding that finishing touch to your ensemble. Accessories are there to accentuate, whether that means making your eyes look bigger, your neck look slender or your calves more defined you need the right accessory for the job. They are also perfect for focussing attention on those areas that are marked in the asset column, so whether you've got long desirable legs or beautiful voluptuous curves the right accessory is essential.

Accessories can be roughly classified in two general categories: those that are carried and those that are worn. Traditional carried accessories include purses and handbags, umbrellas and parasols. Accessories that can be worn may include everything from hats, gloves, jewellery, shawls, scarves and more.

There is literally no end to the variety of accessories out there and Discreet Tiger plans to turn this section of our store into a bonanza for the senses. If you're just now starting your accessory collection, begin by choosing a few pieces that match your current style.

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